National resources

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Hub of Hope

Database for loneliness resources/mental health support


Loneliness resource, living with loneliness and support guide

Campaign to End Loneliness

Aimed at older people but may provide useful practical advice

Campaign to End Loneliness

PDF resource

Reach Out

Practical tips for loneliness

WonkHE report

Amplification of Student Loneliness during COVID report

University of Exeter

Beacon Project research

The Times Higher Education

2018 article on loneliness

Let’s Talk Loneliness

Resources map

Let’s Talk Loneliness

Article from UK Youth

Tackling Youth Loneliness

Aimed at care leavers

Traffic light system

Students suffering with anxiety are perhaps more prone to feeling lonely and isolated as a result, and so we have created a traffic light system with a few suggestions of different levels of activity depending on your level of anxiety. You can use this as a template to create your own traffic light system.


Yoga in room

Add people on your course on Facebook/Insta and start a chat

Get in touch with support services at Uni

Engage in your favourite ‘self care’ activity

Socially isolating facebook group

Call a friend or family member


Go on a walk of surrounding area (Accessible Alternative – sit in your back garden or find a bench in the park)

Have a socially distanced cuppa

Listen to a podcast/music on a walk

Call a friend or family member


Cook dinner with flatmates

Call a friend or family member

Go to socially distanced/virtual sessions with a new club/society

Go for a socially distanced drink in a student bar/cafe

We are excited to have launched the UK’s first directory for children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing providers.Click here to find out more