We are a mental health charity supporting young people.

Beyond labels, beyond lack of treatment, beyond long waiting lists, beyond limits

The number of young people in the UK who say they do not believe that life is worth living has doubled in the last decade (Princes Trust, 2019).

Founded by Jonny Benjamin MBE and Neil Laybourn, the organisation exists to challenge and change the mental health status quo. We raise money to help other organisations who are underfunded or underutilised and are committed to giving out grants which will truly make a difference to the mental health of young people up and down the UK. We share knowledge and best practice. We campaign to make a difference and bring about change before the point of crisis.

Now is the time to go Beyond.

We are beyond...

The average wait for effective mental health treatment is 10 years

(Margaret Murphy, Peter Fonagy, 2010)

Shape our future

To help shape the charity’s future and to help us go beyond in any way you can, please get in touch.

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